Friday, February 23, 2018

Custom Weightroom Flooring

Custom Flooring HotOur Custom Weight Room Flooring comes in 4' rolls and can be trimmed to the correct size to custom fit your flooring.

Made in the USA from recycled tired, these mats do there job by keeping both our environment and your floors in great shape! The mats are sure to exceed all expectations.

Our custom flooring is available in 3 different thicknesses, and comes in black and with color flecks. It has a durability that is second to none and has the 5-year warranty to prove it.

Choose between added colors in blue, green, gray, red, eggshell & blue/gray. Also available in black.



Thickness Price
10% Color
20% Color
1/4" $1.55/sf $1.59/sf
5/16" $1.93/sf $2.11/sf
3/8" $2.07/sf $2.26/sf



Thickness Price
1/4" $1.45/sf
5/16" $1.83/sf
3/8" $1.97/sf