Friday, February 23, 2018

Mat Scrubber

Introducing the best way to clean your mats, Guaranteed!

• Vacuum your mats.
• Scrub your mats
• Mop your mats
• Disinfect your mats

All in one process in half the time of conventional vacuuming and mopping!

Do all of this in one seamless operation.  You will be able to clean your mats faster than ever.  The dual action scrubbers gets deep into the tatami texture to get every piece of dirt and grime out.  Your mats will look like new every time you clean them!! For MMA Mats, we recommend purchasing the Micro Fiber Pad to avoid scuffing the vinyl.

Order yours today and have the cleanest school around!

Scrubber comes standard with a brissle pad, great for all types of floors.  Add the Micro-Fiber Pad with your order to give your mats a deeper clean!

If you want the ultimate convenience, purchase the battery operated Gym Scrubber!

Note: We do not recommend utilizing this scrubber on Puzzle Mats.


Product (Part #) Price
Gym Scrubber
(Z915) $2,495.00/ea (shipping included)
Gym Scrubber, Battery Operated (Z915B) $2,895.00/ea (shipping included)
Micro Fiber pad
(Z916) $48.00/ea (shipping NOT included)

The Labor-Saving alternative to mop and bucket

This compact scrubber is designed for the daily maintenance and cleaning of smaller areas and tight spaces.  The Mat Scrubber cleans over 1,000 sq. ft. without changing the cleaning solution; and unlike a mop and bucket the  Mat Scrubber always uses clean solution and truly removes dirty solution and dirt from the floor.

Loaded with Features
• Scrubbing and pick-up in forward and reverse.
• Double scrubbing for heavily soiled and greasy floors

• Scrub wand operation for hard to reach areas and low clearances
• Removable tank for easy filling and emptying
• The fully adjustable handle folds onto the machine for storage and transportation.

1. Completely foldable handle for easy storage
  2. Counter-rotating brushes and adjustable squeegees
  3. Easy filling and emptying


 16"L x 29W x 21H 
 80 pounds 
Power Supply
 120 volts - corded
Solution Tank
 4 gallons
Recovery Tank
 5 gallons 
 14,000 sqft/hour
Removable Recovery Tank
The recovery tank can be removed without tools for easy dumping anywhere and for immediate access to internal components.
Height-adjustable handle
The handle can be easily adjusted during use to allow for cleaning in difficult to reach areas.
Surfaces this machine cleans
all types of mats, rubber flooring, tile, vinyl floors, hardwood floors and concrete




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Mat Scrubber Uses

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