Friday, February 23, 2018

Mat Tape (9")

Mat Tape (9")- Martial Arts Mats

Micro-fiber Mat Mop

 Keep Your Mats In Place

The Mat Warehouse's Tape will keep your martial arts mats together, whether you lay them on concrete, hardwood floors, linoleum, or carpet.

Our grappling and mma mats are manufactured to have an anti-skid surface on the bottom of the mats, keeping them from shifting around. When placed on dirty floors or carpet, however, some shifting can occur. Our Mat Tape was developed to prevent shifting, avoid gaps between mats, and keep them secure.

You can put it down and take it up easily and without residue. When you want to move the mats, simply pull them up, peel the tape off the floor and throw it away.

Price: $94.00/ea   

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