Friday, February 23, 2018

Workplace Mats


Tuff Tiles

Tuff Tiles are the interlocking, multipurpose floor tiles that's a breeze to install.  

Tuff Tiles are perfect in many industrial, commercial and residential applications.  The drain thru design allows dirt and fluids to pass through while keeping feet clean and dry.  

Mix and match colors to create visual warning or eye catching designs.  No adhesive is ever necessary making Tuff Tiles perfect over cracked or damaged floors. 



For Use In:
Locker Rooms
Work Stations
 Play Areas
s  Entrance Mats s Showers Saunas & Pools s Emergency Vehicles Trade Show Floors s Retail Displays Garages & Basements

s Anti Fatigue Characteristics
Hidden Interlocks
Mix and Match Colors
s Easy to Remove, Expand or Change
Transition Edges Available
s Quick Secure Installs

Size Color Price
12"x12"x3/4" Black $3.19
12"x12"x3/4" Gray $3.71
12"x12"x3/4" Color $3.84


Versa Tiles

Versa Tiles is a 24" x 24" puzzle lock sport/floor tile made from rugged and resilient PVC.  The large design provides a flooring system with fewer seams.  Less seams means quicker and better looking installations.  Versa Tiles softer material make up allows it to conform to sub floor irregularities more easily than the smaller, stiffer tiles on the market.  No adhesive is needed and moisture poses no problem.  Versa Tiles come in a coin top design and a smooth top design making them perfect for most commercial, industrial and residential applications. 

For Use In:
Sports Surfacing
s Fitness Areas s  Trade Shows s  Retail Displays s Recreation Centers Elevators & Stairwells s Warehouses & Factories  s
 Assembly Lines
Mobile Offices
s Temporary Floors

s Transition Edges Available
Works Over Problem Subfloors
Quick, Secure Installs
s Easy to Remove, Expand or Change
Durable & Resilient
s Puzzle Lock System

Size Color Price
2'x2'x3/16" Black or Gray $3.71
2'x2'x3/16" Red or Royal $4.36



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Workplace Mat Uses

  • Locker Rooms
  • Shower Areas
  • Pool Areas
  • Trade Shows
  • Assembly Lines